Black and White - Nude

This project all started off when I attended a workshop held by Ayla Rose, and one of the techniques shown was quite a simple but effective two light setup, which is very good for creating abstract nude shapes.

I try to come away from every workshop with at least one bit of information I can take and use on my own shoots, and this was certainly one of those.

I didn’t plan on doing this as a project, but on one shoot after the workshop I tried to setup and use the technique myself. It didn’t go totally to plan and I had a few bits I wanted to work on over time and that just made me want to give it another go on a future shoot.

Two or three shoots later, I was getting the hang of it and was really happy with how the images were coming out and that’s when I just about had enough to make it a project, so that’s what I did.

It’s such a simple setup that once you get your head around it, it can easily be incorporated into photoshoots pretty quickly. While it may not be the whole shoot, if I’m working with someone who I think would suit this style, then I’m going to break out this setup and get some fantastic images.